Humbled to be named as one of Ride Guide’s Top 50 influential people and events in mountain biking

But most of all, thank you to Ride Guide for considering the writers. No one ever thinks of the writers!

Without words and the perspectives of the writers and journalists, mountain biking may well have been another gear based sport, but there is something more to this than riding and racing. It can be the struggle, the exhilaration, the adventure and mis-adventure, the highs, lows and tragedies. A writer has a gift to transport you to another place and take you on a journey, drawing you in with their with their words, and for a short period, you become transfixed to the page (or screen). The writers below have the ability to do just that, so still do it, while others have moved on. Either way their legacy and future work will continue to shape this sport for years to come.

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Ride Guide’s Top 50 influential people and events in mountain biking is a list that shows a love for the sport, its history and people working hard across the board today. While any list like this will fire people up with their own opinions on who should be in or out, what I like most about it is it encourages people to reflect on the history of this young sport and to celebrate the achievements and efforts of the many personalities involved.

Next time you flow through a perfect turn, drool over an emotive image, or follow something as simple as a sign hammered into the dirt, make sure to take a moment to thank and appreciate the people in the immediate, and wider, riding community who work hard to make these things to happen too. It’s an incredible community to be part of.

Photo: Gaye Camm