Media, cognitive science and career advice for students

How do the skills you’re exploring now relate to the things you might do in the future? Or to answer a question I also get a lot: ‘What is it that you actually do again?’

Mark Parry shot a series of videos answering these questions for the Department of Cognitive Science at Macquarie University in Sydney. It was initially developed as part of a third year undergraduate course called ‘Cognitive Science in the Real World’. The series interviews all kinds of interesting people about the professional work they do, shares advice for current students and cleverly reveals the smaller moments and interests that brought them to where they are today. Like any good content, it’s enjoyable and relevant to people with much broader interests as well.

You can find the whole series here. The video Mark shot about my own work pathway is below.

Kudos to Mark for doing such a great job of linking everyone’s work histories together in ways that find a compelling balance between curiosity, passion, important decisions and common sense. Thank you also to the Department of Cognitive Science for providing such an endlessly fascinating place to work.

Photo: Gaye Camm