Kath Bicknell


The amount of choice for cycling clothing for women is at an all time high. In fact, the amount of choice for high quality, genuinely exciting cycling clothing for anyone is at an all time high. Read More


Television station, SBS, has introduced so many Australians to the Tour de France. What began with 6.00pm highlights in the nineties has become broadcasts of every stage live, repeat broadcasts during daylight hours, panel review shows, podcasts, online streaming and video highlights, audience interaction via social media and a dedicated website. Read More

The Specialized Amira is one of the most popular women鈥檚 bikes in the road bunch. Curiously, it has a very small internet presence. Reviews are scarce, limited to earlier production runs and tend focus on models at the lower end of the price scale. I suspect this is more to do with freelance budgets and the number of female product reviewers working for cycling websites than reader interest in the bike itself. Read More

At a time when funding is increasingly competitive and people have more choice than ever about how and where to invest their energy, how do the arts to compete? It’s no longer enough to create exceptional work and know that people will line up to witness it. We’ve entered an emotion- and experience-based economy where consumers have more options than ever before, and are more critical about what they get from participation in return. So how do we harness the energy of these audiences and keep the arts running high on the list of things that people choose to attend? The Audience Experience addresses this by examining multiple factors that lead to audience enjoyment, growth and participation. While each chapter offers key insights into this area of scholarship, the strength of the book is in bringing these elements together. In doing so, the authors offer an account of audience participation as active, localised, varied and complex.

(Bicknell, Kath, review of The Audience Experience: A critical analysis of audiences in the performing arts, ed. by Jennifer Radbourne, Hilary Glow and Katya Johanson, Austalasian Drama Studies 65, (2014): 326-330.) Read More

The Specialized Stumpjumper FSR, arguably the best known bike from the big red S, has been reinvented. It not only incorporates a heap of new technology, but it pushes bike design, and the ride experiences on board, into new, exciting directions. The new Stumpy is available in 650b, 29 and 27.5+ models. And, for the first time, a 150mm, 650b version for women stands proudly by its side: welcome to the Rhyme.

Paris Gore-Specialized Rhyme Expert Carbon Read More