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When asked what plans were in store for more trails at Tathra, the local trail builders revealed that most of their time at the moment goes into raking the zillion that they have. Help them out by driving to the NSW Sapphire Coast, jumping on your bike, and riding through this singletrack paradise. Read More

We did it

We did it!

Landscapes that stop your thoughts, roads that go whizzing by, more singletrack than I expected, floating bridges, pumped riders, infrastructure of a size and scale I’ve never seen before at a mountain bike race… There were so many things that made the 2013 Nedbank Sani2c stage race an unforgettable experience. One of the biggest was riding as part of a team. Read More

‘South Africa – It’s possible.’ This is the slogan written on a new beanie I recently received from the Australian branch of South Africa Tourism. I’ve been invited to join a group of 12 Australian mountain bikers as… Read More

I wrote last week about how excited I am to be riding with the Sydney Uni Velo Women’s road team. Fast forward another week and we’ve already done our first race together – the Sydney Road Titles held at the Regatta Centre near Penriff. Read More

Gravity Enduro racing is taking off. And after riding at the Rocky Trail Flow Rollercoaster at Del Rio on Sunday, I can see why.

Ride up the hill at any old speed with your mates. Session techo bits so you can ride them nice and fast. Ride up the hill some more times. Shred back down. Froth, froth, froth. Read More

The relaxed, friendly vibe on the start line speaks volumes about this event.

The relaxed, friendly vibe on the start line speaks volumes about this event.

I’ve already written a story on the Willo Enduro for Flow Mountain Bike, so I won’t repeat similar thoughts again here. What I didn’t write about in that article, though, was the way my own experience of the race was made even more special due to riding an unfamiliar bike. Read More

The Australian Mountain Bike Championships is a multi-day event which brings together a huge collection of talented, passionate people. In addition to our country’s elite and up-and-coming racers rolling around the car-park-come-event-centre, tons of bike industry folk and local media personalities are an important part of the weekend as well.

I spent the 2013 Champs working as part of a three-person crew with Flow Mountain Bike’s Chris Southwood and Mick Ross. Armed with my camera and a voice recorder I enjoyed the change in rhythm from typing stories and the different challenges quick, timely and unique web content allow. Read More

@bicksnpieces: Time for Twitter?


I bought an iPhone. It’s really fun.

I joined Instagram. Scrapbooking and sharing the colour in my world is exciting.

I’ve been publishing more writing on the web than is practical to share on this site through news posts. Read More