Adidas Eyewear Evil Eye Halfrim Pro

These shades pack in a heap of well thought-out features.

The Evil Eye Halfrims represent the evolution of a product that has been shielding the eyes of top riders for over 10 years. Adidas Eyewear’s original Evil Eyes were the first pair of sunglasses I was able to successfully pair up with contact lenses. I’d had lots of problems with lenses falling out in other glasses in the past and I recall standing under a massive fan in a New Zealand sports shop before beginning a long and happy relationship with my first pair of Adidas Eyewear shades.Continue reading “Adidas Eyewear Evil Eye Halfrim Pro”

Netti Custom Race Kit

One of the catch 22’s of mountain bike racing in Australia, is that sponsored riders are often riding around in poorer quality kit than enthusiast riders. The reasons for this are mostly due to factors like minimum order numbers, cost, manufacturing times and that the people who are doing the ordering aren’t necessarily the ones doing the racing. Fortunately, with a bigger range of affordable companies offering custom kit runs, things are starting to change.

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LineBreak CalfGuards

I’m a little teapot!… Photo: Gaye Camm.

The LineBreak CalfGuards are what you wear when you’re so stuffed you can’t pull your shorts off to put on the full length tights. Or at least, that’s one of the uses for this garment.  They’re also a good alternative to LineBreak’s compression tights in hotter weather. This has made them an attractive summer and mid-season choice for runners who are keen to minimise muscle damage to their calves while they pound the pavement.  Some solo 24 Hour riders use them for similar reasons, as the damage to this area can be quite significant after such a long time in the saddle – not just from pedaling, but from constant trail vibration and from holding the body above the saddle on fun (read: rough) descents.Continue reading “LineBreak CalfGuards”