Long Term Thoughts: Radical Lights

“How to..mtb in the dark.” Outer Edge magazine, Jun-Jul 2011.

I was first attracted to the above article for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, I thought the chick in the top right corner looked like a bit of a pinner and secondly, having been spoiled by a double set of Radical Lights to race with recently, I was curious to see how other people were describing the night riding experience. Upon reading it I had two conclusions, either the author hadn’t had the chance to ride with a set of Radicals yet, or they didn’t want to raise people’s expectations if they’d just forked out a swag of cash for some lesser beams.Continue reading “Long Term Thoughts: Radical Lights”

Adidas Eyewear Avignon Shades

You know you’ve hit the big time when you receive a set of high performance glasses for racing and a separate set for podiums and off bike use.  Needless to say I was bouncing out of my skin with excitement as I pulled these Adidas Eyewear Avignons out of the box to take them for a whirl! Not only do these shades pass the random-inner-city-Sydney-stranger-nod-of-smiling-approval test with flying colours, they also seem to look the goods on everyone.Continue reading “Adidas Eyewear Avignon Shades”

Adidas Eyewear Supernova Pros

Adidas Eyewear’s Supernova Pros take all the good things about the standard Supernovas and add some extra Go Fast Factor.  Given how much fast people like to sweat in summer, the clip on sweat band is a welcome addition as is the more protective frame shape. This model comes with a LST (Light Stabilising Technology) Active lens which gives superior contrast in bright, shadey and dappled conditions and has been known to make other riders green with envy whenever I pass these glasses around for a test out on the trails.Continue reading “Adidas Eyewear Supernova Pros”

Merida 96 Carbon Team-D

This bike smooths out rocks even more than the camera does.

“It’s just like my old bike. But newer. And with more green.” Or so I thought.  A couple of changes in set up, engineering and equipment also mean the Merida 96 Carbon Team bike is lighter, faster and seems to float more over technical trails. It rewards playful, aggressive riding, and if you stall half way up a technical climb, it appears to let you take a breath, put in another pedal stroke and continue on as planned. It’s like cheating, really.Continue reading “Merida 96 Carbon Team-D”