Kath Bicknell

After a year of amazing adventures, sweet singletrack and exciting weekends away from tar and cement, the Salsa Moto Rapido is for sale.  The bike is in excellent condition and I don’t really want to clear up any room in the shed, but I plan to do more longer races in 2010 and dual suspension will be suited to this purpose.

The Salsa is a light, fun ride.  It feels really stable at speed, gives you lots of cornering confidence and accelerates like you wouldn’t believe.  It’s also shiny and unique, meaning people tend to like coming up to you to talk about it.

Ad details are on the Canberra Off-Road Cyclists sale page.


Vaude Women’s “Roomy” Pack

The Roomy arrived just in time for testing out my running legs at the World Champs!

The Roomy arrived just in time for testing out my running legs at the World Champs!

Vaude have recently released some female specific packs.  I’ve been super lucky to have the chance to use a “Roomy 17 + 3” which, like the earlier mentioned “Women’s Spray Jacket II“, pretty much does what the name suggests, with the added attention to detail that makes this brand keep on hitting the mark.  This back pack is big enough to fit most of the things an over-prepared gear freak would want to use in a day, and light enough that it’s still a good choice on a wallet, phone, keys and jumper outing. Read More

I have been using Vaude products for a while now and am excited to formally welcome them as support.

Vaude offer a practical, award winning, well thought-out range of outdoor gear with a large number of products developed specifically for biking.  Their backpacks and hydropacks are perhaps their best known gear in this community – they’re comfortable, versatile and affordable, and demonstrate an attention to detail which has been fine tuned over a growing number of alternate styles. Read More

Verofit Nutrition Support


Verofit make a range of nutrition products for use during and after exercise.  Being Swiss, the research which has gone into these products is pretty astounding.  You can read more about this from their Australian website here. Read More