Riding as a Team at the Nedbank Sani2c

We did it
We did it!

Landscapes that stop your thoughts, roads that go whizzing by, more singletrack than I expected, floating bridges, pumped riders, infrastructure of a size and scale I’ve never seen before at a mountain bike race… There were so many things that made the 2013 Nedbank Sani2c stage race an unforgettable experience. One of the biggest was riding as part of a team.Continue reading “Riding as a Team at the Nedbank Sani2c”


South Africa – It’s Possible

‘South Africa – It’s possible.’ This is the slogan written on a new beanie I recently received from the Australian branch of South Africa Tourism. I’ve been invited to join a group of 12 Australian mountain bikers as they tackle the 3 day, 270km Sani2c bike race in May.Continue reading “South Africa – It’s Possible”

Sydney Uni Velo Women’s Road Race Team

I joined the Sydney Uni Velo Club last year so I’d have people to ride with on the days I didn’t have anyone to ride with. They are one of several clubs that hold regular rides leaving Sydney’s Centennial Park most mornings of the week which is a convenient and short from home. The thing that set this club apart from the others, for me was the attitudes of other riders, the friends I have that were already part of it, and the tight, safe, organised feel of their bunch ride. That, and they offer the ride routes I enjoy at the paces I crave.Continue reading “Sydney Uni Velo Women’s Road Race Team”

Bikes, Brews and a Short Film From Flow

thirsty work

The first instalment in a three part film from the Flow Mountain Bike Bikes and Brews Tour has been released online. Watch it on it’s own, or see it in conjunction with reading the story in the current issue of the print mag. This link will take you where you need to go.

On a personal note, getting to join the Flow crew on a trip like this was one of those moments that felt too good to be true, but stretched out over days. Guided trail tours from All Terrain Cycles, food and drink at local establishments that are as tourism worthy as the trails, meeting inspiring people who call these places home and getting to watch talented people doing their thing in a sport and job that I love.

We hope the stories from the trip inspire other riders to discover some of the big thrills these locations have offer as well. Part one takes you to Beechworth. Keep an eye on Flow for parts two and three.

Image: Damian Breach. Follow that link for more of these too, and get planning your next long weekend!

The Year of Shred

I found myself stepping back from the Subaru-MarathonMTB.com team the other day. It was kind of an odd move to make – the support, camaraderie and new riding experiences made possible by the team are excellent. It was a small matter of me not being suited to a lot of the equipment the team are racing with this year (Must. Grow. Longer. Legs.) and wanting to include too many non-marathon events in my calendar to be able to race the events that are important to the team.Continue reading “The Year of Shred”