Touring Through Tropical North Queensland

Traveling through Tropical North Queensland is an experience that remains with you forever. It’s rich in lush, jungle vegetation, iconic Australian creatures, and an expanding network of world class mountain bike trails; trails that have changed mountain biking on a global scale.Continue reading “Touring Through Tropical North Queensland”

Atherton Tablelands Photoshoot with Wade Lewis

Stories developed for an internet readership don’t go very far without great images. While working in Tropical North Queensland recently one of many highs was spending a day with photographer Wade Lewis shooting images of the expanding trail network in the Atherton Tablelands.

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Guest blog: Rapha

Rapha Festa Della Donna story

London-based clothing brand, Rapha, are taking some impressive steps to grow the international women’s cycling community. While reviewing some of their high-end (and highly functional, highly styling) women’s shell-wear for Bike Radar I had the opportunity to join a group of 60 odd women for an organised morning ride in Sydney.

I was a little uncertain as to what to expect from the ride. Sometimes women’s cycling activities are really motivating and uplifting. Sometimes they’re a doddle. This one was the first type.

I’m not sure whether it was my frothing upliftedness, or the fact that it’s handy to have a writer come along on a ride like this, but I was later invited to write a story on the ride for the Rapha website. You can read it here.

The insider perspective of the guest blog fits the Rapha writing style. A separate opinion piece, this time written for SBS Cycling Central, looks at it from a broader perspective – one on growing women’s participation in cycling, as a case study of getting it right.