On testing the Rapha Women’s City Collection

The Rapha Women’s City Collection represents the diverse range of activities and lifestyle choices embodied by female riders, blended with an aesthetic that hits the mark in other social and professional environments. On testing a selection of items from the range for Bike Radar I was pleased to find that the collection also excels in terms of practicality. It was far more durable that we expected too.Continue reading “On testing the Rapha Women’s City Collection”

Tested: Specialized Rumor Expert Evo 29

“The empowerment theme is a big one in women’s cycling at the moment. Done well, the range of women’s riding desires and experiences gain visibility, traction and respect. Done badly, conversations descend into debates about product names, colour choices and whether ‘women’s specific’ products are really necessary.
“The Specialized Rumor Evo 29 rises above debates about what women’s riding should or shouldn’t be and lets ladies’ actions do the talking instead. Besides, anyone shelling out nearly $6K for a bike is likely to be more interested in how it rides than how it looks. If you were to rank the Rumor’s success on an empowerment scale of 1-10, it sends the measuring system through the roof and into outer space.”

I enjoyed every minute on board this bike. Read the full review on Flow Mountain Bike.

Image: Wade Lewis

Curious about Capo cycling apparel

In winter this year I received a call from Capo Australia’s John Sunde. He was curious to hear my thoughts on the company’s women’s range and how to grow its appeal.

John is one of those people in the cycling industry who is justifiably passionate about the products they sell. We had long chat about the brand’s women’s range, its reach (current and potential) and the marketing opportunities provided by the changing social media landscape. I enjoyed being able to offer some insights in these areas and learning more about how things operate at John’s end.Continue reading “Curious about Capo cycling apparel”

The Era, the Rumor Evo + other highlights from the Specialized 2015 launch

2015 Specialized Women's Range-19
29″ wheels make the overall height of a bike quite high. The low standover on the women’s models makes it easier to throw a leg over the frame. Photo: Mick Ross.

It’s an exciting time to be a mountain biker. Trail networks are rapidly on the up, participation is growing so fast it’s becoming mainstream and there are more choices for equipment than ever before. For women, this growth means more companies are establishing a range of bikes that meet the diverse needs of female riders.

Specialized are a brand who have been developing a women’s range long before other companies have felt confident in selling to this half of the market. Their 2015 range takes the research and product development of years past, and pushes the boundaries of bike design heading into the future. I was wrapped to be invited to the 2015 Australia and New Zealand product launch on the Gold Coast this month to report on these new bikes for Flow Mountain Bike.Continue reading “The Era, the Rumor Evo + other highlights from the Specialized 2015 launch”

Recent Product Tests for Flow Mountain Bike

Working in cycling media offers the chance to get stuck in to many different types of writing. Feature articles and interviews, opinion pieces, how-tos, news, product tests…

One thing I really enjoy about testing equipment is the opportunity to weave together experience and critique. You don’t write about a product by sitting in a chair and thinking about it. You get out there, play with it, push its limits and discover how it transforms the experience of an activity you love. These processes sit side-by-side with my academic work as well: investigating the ties between equipment, performance, embodied action and cognition.Continue reading “Recent Product Tests for Flow Mountain Bike”