Tested: Levi’s Commuter Range

The expanding Commuter Range from Levi’s is a sign of just how big cycling is becoming. At the Future of Cycling Symposium held in Cambridge, New Zealand recently, it quickly became obvious that it’s not even possible to talk about cycling with a uniting narrative that pleases everyone involved. Different types of riders contrast in their attitudes, goals, motivations, senses of identity and values. They gravitate toward different equipment, facilities, events and apparel.



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Long term review: Specialized Amira SL4 Pro Race road bike

The Specialized Amira is one of the most popular women’s bikes in the road bunch. Curiously, it has a very small internet presence. Reviews are scarce, limited to earlier production runs and tend focus on models at the lower end of the price scale. I suspect this is more to do with freelance budgets and the number of female product reviewers working for cycling websites than reader interest in the bike itself.Continue reading “Long term review: Specialized Amira SL4 Pro Race road bike”

Reviewed: Specialized Rhyme Expert Carbon 650b

The Specialized Stumpjumper FSR, arguably the best known bike from the big red S, has been reinvented. It not only incorporates a heap of new technology, but it pushes bike design, and the ride experiences on board, into new, exciting directions. The new Stumpy is available in 650b, 29 and 27.5+ models. And, for the first time, a 150mm, 650b version for women stands proudly by its side: welcome to the Rhyme.

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The women’s-specific debate: research, reasoning and where to from here

A lot of damage was done by early attempts that marketed cycling products as women’s-specific. But done well, the different choices, experiences and growing expertise we now have available is something really positive. Especially given more people can now jump on a bike and have fun without knowing what to modify to make it even better.

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