Merida Reacto 907

I dreamed that I owned a new road bike the other night. Then I woke up and it was true! Good timing too, as my previous road bike (a Merida Scultura Evo 907-com) had reached that magical age where the sale:upgrade ratio flashes green and says ‘no time like the present’ – one of those cool things that is only possible (and very gratefully received) due to support from Merida Australia and my local bike shop, the Bicycle Garage, Lilyfield.Continue reading “Merida Reacto 907”

DIY MTB Support

DIY MTB are the Aussie importers for a wide range of go fast (or go longer) parts including X-Fusion forks, Hygia brakes and Enduro bearings and seals.  They are also the go to (or mail to) place for suspension servicing. Duncan Miller at DIY has been looking after my shocks for years and it’s great to be able to formally welcome the company as support.

Continue reading “DIY MTB Support”

Vaude Women’s Comp 3/4s

I remember my first public outing in bike shorts. I was sixteen, had non-bikey, pastey looking legs and was (quite simply) mortified. I’m pretty sure I stood with my legs crossed (probably behind a tree) and couldn’t wait to get on the bike and look at the path ahead for a distraction (no wonder I got so fit). If the Vaude Women’s Comp 3/4 pants were around at this time, they certainly would have made the baggy cords (it was 1998 afterall) to lycra transition phase a whole lot easier.Continue reading “Vaude Women’s Comp 3/4s”

Long Term Thoughts: Vaude Women’s Comp Knicks

Fast, subtle and stylin’. Now, what to do about the rider?!…

I first wrote about the Vaude Women’s Comp knicks almost this time last year. The comfortable, shock absorbing chamois and the fine-tuned women’s fit quickly made them the most frequently worn pair of knicks I own.  This is to say, since that time they went in and out of the washing machine about three times a week and have been the choice item of clothing for any ride over two hours.  In fact, I just received a new pair and was genuinely surprised with how difficult it was to tell the difference. So how did the orignals hold up?Continue reading “Long Term Thoughts: Vaude Women’s Comp Knicks”

New Bicycle Garage Kit

New kit (L), original kit (R). “Does my arse look big in this?!…”

Thanks to the Bicycle Garage, Lilyfield, for the wicked, new season, race kit. Not only does it feel fast and look the goods, but a special order in women’s sizing was too good to pass up. I wrote a column for the current issue of Enduro Mag talking about the secret training rides I’ve been doing with the BG crew.  In said column, I mentioned how good my original jersey made me feel, and that I’d probably still wear it if I was rubbish.  While this still holds true, there’s always something extra excellent about a snug fitting jersey that stays in place on fast descents and breathes easily in the summertime, and knicks so comfortable you feel like you can ride in them all day.  Speaking of which, it is currently the middle of winter in Sydney and today’s balmy weather meant there were no leg warmers in sight.  No wonder we look so happy!Continue reading “New Bicycle Garage Kit”