Vaude Women’s Air Vest

The Women’s Air Vest contours nicely to the body. Photo: Gaye Camm.

I love how useful a good fitting vest can be. During mid-season riding and cold season racing the wind blocking properties of a well made vest are the difference between a ride thoroughly enjoyed, and a ride wishing you were inside next to the heater. I have owned a few vests in the past, but they have all been men’s designs. This has meant that while the garment has blocked the wind, it has also puffed up like a parachute, or crept up my midriff in the process, which is neither fast nor particularly glamourous. The Vaude Women’s Air Vest contours nicely to the female form and also includes some other thoughtful features which keep it there.Continue reading “Vaude Women’s Air Vest”

Enduro Winter Jerseys

Enduro Mag’s black summer jerseys turned out to be mighty popular. So popular, that it was only logical to do a winter run too!  Available in men’s S-XXL, they feature three rear pockets, an additional zipped rear pocket, a full length zip, fancy cuffs and super-roubaix material.  The Enduro logo is also on the back of the jersey this time so when you overtake people at races they know which mag to read so they can be as amazing as you are!Continue reading “Enduro Winter Jerseys”

Merida Carbon 96 Long Term Thoughts

The 96 needs no introduction.

The Merida Carbon 96 is one of those ‘bikes of the moment’. People who don’t own one are curious to hear about how the light weight technology transfers to the trails, and people who do own one are always enthusiastic in their responses. I’ve been riding the XTR equipped Carbon 5000-D model for about a year and a half now.  I looked at upgrading to the 2011 Team edition late last year, but this one is still running like a dream (so many events cancelled due to wet weather has even meant I’m still running the original cluster). While it would be fun to try the different running gear on the 2011 model not enough has really changed to justify the cost of upgrading.Continue reading “Merida Carbon 96 Long Term Thoughts”