The RobMobile!

Jet Li is Fearless. Kath is Gearless.

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Long Term Thoughts: Vaude Roomy Pack

I’ve been using the Vaude Women’s Roomy backpack since September 2009 and I wanted to offer up some thoughts on things that have stood out about the pack over this period of time. The feel of the pack when worn is something that surprises a lot of women when I pass it around for people to try on at skills clinics, on social rides, or if someone’s complaining about shoulder discomfort from a different pack option.Continue reading “Long Term Thoughts: Vaude Roomy Pack”

Merida Scultura EVO 907-com Road Bike

The 50cm frame looks small to most.

City living has meant a fair amount of time on the road, and a fair amount of time on the road means every now and then it comes time to get excited about that other type of bike! Enter the 2010 Merida Scultura EVO 907-com.  That’s quite a mouthful isn’t it?  It’s basically exactly the same bike as my old one, but with a better wheelset, newer frame technology and more red.Continue reading “Merida Scultura EVO 907-com Road Bike”