Enduro Mag Jerseys

Photo: Adam MacLeod

Enduro jerseys are proving so popular we’re going to have to order some more!  Head on over to the Enduro Mag Blog or check out the current issue for more pictures and info on some subscription/jersey/sunglasses offers.  We like subscribers.  They make us feel loved!


Adidas Supernova Sunglasses

If you like flicking through race photos (both locally and from around the world), you may notice that close fit, minimal design and unobstructed vision make the Adidas Eyewear Supernova shades a popular choice among top riders.  What you can’t see in the photos, is the vision these riders are getting with a lens designed to get rid of glare, while allowing enough light to pass through to give crisp, detailed vision – even in shady singletrack.Continue reading “Adidas Supernova Sunglasses”

Long term thoughts: Vaude Women’s Spray Jacket

I thought I’d add another type of post to ye olde blog: a long term thoughts section. I’m pretty lucky to get the chance to ride with some really high quality gear, but when I read other people’s reports on such things, I’m often curious about what they think of them after a few solid months of riding, rather than leaving opinions rest at first impressions.Continue reading “Long term thoughts: Vaude Women’s Spray Jacket”

Merida Carbon 96 MTB

While I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about what style of bike would be the best choice for the following year, a mate said to choose the bike which will suit most of the riding you want to do.  The Merida 96 is just that:  out of the box it weighed 9.85 kg making it lighter than most hardtail race bikes. The extensively researched dual suspension design keeps it racey when you need it to be fast and efficient, but also takes the edge of during the more fatiguing rides. My hope is that with the light weight and efficient travel it will be a blast during XC races, meanwhile the increased comfort factor will mean a truck load less fatigue and shoulder pain during day long events.

Continue reading “Merida Carbon 96 MTB”