Radical Lights’ Podda

Radical Lights are an Australian company whose bright, sleekly designed lights have been making their mark (and taking their fair share of podiums) on the endurance mountain biking scene.  Initially attracted to the beautiful product shots (seriously, check them out!), then curious to find out what all the hype is about, I was pretty excited to have the chance to use the “Podda” medium beam model this past month.Continue reading “Radical Lights’ Podda”

The Kona Unit Story

During the week leading up to the Singlespeed World Champs, the Bike Vegas bike shop had their own challenge for everyone.  Head into the shop for a clue, find the secret location where the jester is hanging out with a pack of cards, collect one of said cards, and hold onto it with your life.  The comp ran for four days, with a bike given away for each of them at the event after party.Continue reading “The Kona Unit Story”

The Merida 96 Undergoes SSurgery

Feeling a bit ‘singlespeeded out’ by all the boutique bikes in town, and constant talk of gear ratios, fork rigidity and wheel size, the Merida 96 has been modified ghetto style.*   Massive thanks to the guys at Bicycle Garage in Lilyfield, Sydney for providing me with an $8 solution to the gear problem I was facing when heading to Rotorua for the WorldSS, and to the also awesome crew at Bike Culture in Rotovegas for helping me make the switch (and keeping it real).**Continue reading “The Merida 96 Undergoes SSurgery”

Ride Like a Girl Jerseys!

Australian Mountain Bike Clinics‘ “Ride Like a Girl” jerseys have arrived.  They’re soft, girl shaped, don’t cling to any roll-ey bits around the stomach and have special hill climbing powers which get stronger with each wash!*

You don’t need to have done a clinic to buy one, you don’t even need to be a girl (which is somewhat of a relief for the guys who have been eyeing them off (or is that eyeing what they would look like off?)).  Click through to this page for sizes and other info, or email info@ambc.com.au.

Continue reading “Ride Like a Girl Jerseys!”